[arch-general] Makepkg $(srcdir) detection and false-positives

Nathan Wayde kumyco at konnichi.com
Fri Aug 27 03:58:28 EDT 2010

I'm not sure if this is the correct ML or not but whatever I'll post 
here anyway.

I was just reading the ML where the quest? to finding why makepkg warns 
about $srcdir was brought up and a simple grep -R... seemed to be the 
method of detection. Anyway it reminded me of another message on the 
topic last week i think where someone said that it would warn on files 
with debugging symbols...

makepkg does a grep -q to decide if a package contains files that 
reference $(srcdir), this is inadequate as it causes a false-positive on 
files that contain debugging symbols.

This can be eliminated by specifying the option `-I` a.k.a 
`--binary-files=without-match` to grep which makes prevents grep from 
matching binary files.

the only paths that binary files should contain based on buildtime 
setting are path such as '/usr/share/xyz'. If the pkgbuild 
*accidentally* uses a variable that resolves with $srcdir in it then I'd 
argue that the pkgbuild is broken and will most likely break the 
application in other ways and will be caught before sharing the 
pkgbuild. I can't be the only one that tests their packages before 
uploading to the AUR right?

On another note, shouldn't there also be a check for $pkgdir. The only 
cases of this that I've ran into myself have been a reference to $pkgdir 
causing all sorts of nonsense such as broken symlinks and incorrect 
resource paths.

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