[arch-general] Kernel panic after installing avr tools

John Black spam at network-technologies.org
Mon Jun 28 13:20:38 EDT 2010

Maybe someone could help me out. I would like to report a bug but I am 
not quite sure what happened.

I made a parallel port  micro controller programmer on Sunday.
Since my desktop system does not have a parallel port anymore [noticed 
this after I was done :( ] I connected the programmer to my server which 
is/was running a couple month old version of ARCH i686.

I proceeded to install these packages: avr-libc avrdude binutils-avr gcc-avr
I *think* that (this was late at night) one of the dependencies was new 
linux-headers but no kernel.
I answered all with yes and the installation started.
As soon as it was done I could no longer execute commands and my system 
would only return "Illegal instruction".
I restarted using the reset switch and was greeted by a kernel panic. 
All options on the grub boot menu will result in a kernel panic.

I tried to follow this guide
but when I want to chroot I get "Illegal instruction". The file system 
is mountable and everything appears to be fine.
I searched around a bit and it appears that this sort of thing happens 
when you use an i686 kernel with a i386 computer but this system used to 
run fine.

I was about to reload this machine but maybe someone could help me 
figure out what happened exactly so that this can be prevented in the 

Here are the machine specs:
OS: Arch i686 (2-3 months old)
Mainboard: VIA EPIA-M (I think this has a 1GHz CPU)
Storage: LVM 2x 250GB
special configuration: grub2, /boot on LVM
installed: apache2, php5, mysql, samba, sshd

Any takers :)  ?
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