[arch-general] BTRFS integration

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Mon May 3 00:05:53 CEST 2010

On 05/02/10 15:27, C Anthony Risinger wrote:
> rollback support and friends are
> very cool (this just saved me the other day actually) and i think
> would provide a great benefit to the arch rolling model.

it could save one from pacman running out of disk space when installing 
something (which presently leads to unpredictable behavior that might 
necessitate a re-install).  On the other hand, by keeping the older 
snapshot files (which take space), it's more likely that you do run into 
out-of-disk when you upgrade something in a way that's protected by a 
snapshot, and you have a different sort of problem to deal with then...


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