[arch-general] Arch shutdown because of firefox

Nathan Wayde kumyco at konnichi.com
Tue May 11 09:05:39 EDT 2010

On 11/05/10 13:59, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Am 11.05.2010 14:56, schrieb Handsome Cheung:
>> yes, I run hal, but don't use display manager. Your answer inspired
>> me, and I will check something about hal immediately. Thanks!
> Even if the user is allowed to use hal to initiate a shutdown, it would
> still be necessary to exploit a security weakness in firefox that would
> allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands. And a matching exploit
> would have to be on any website that triggers the shutdown ... this all
> sounds very unlikely.
I'm willing to bet that this is no exploit ad in-fact a bug at some 
point in the stack.

A couple years ago I found I could almost crash xorg at will with my 
questionable C code(I was just learning C) and a couple time the xorg 
crash resulted in a reboot/shutdown.

Does it persist with another xorg driver?

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