[arch-general] Fw: A question regarding the ifdplug and wireless interfaces

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Wed May 19 00:28:10 EDT 2010

Hopefully this gets to you folks. In edition, I've insured that this will be 
in plain-text, I received a content type was not allowed error message 
Regards, --Keith

From: Keith Hinton
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:21 AM
To: Arch-General
Subject: A question regarding the ifdplug and wireless interfaces

  Hi all,
I have an interesting setup presently.
One of these days I hope to move permanently to Arch-however, I'm on Windows 
presently so am running Arch in a VMware virtual machine by using VMware 
workstation 7 on Windows.
I still do make use of tools such as the NetCFG tool, especially.
As a blind Arch user, and one who does a lot of repetitive tasks, I like the 
use of netcfg personally.
I have used it, especially rather than say, configuring WPA_Supplicant 
manually, even after reading all the documentation.
While I do appreciate and value Arch Linux for most of the manual 
configuration, I still believe in my heart that automation of some tasks is 
an okay thing to do.
What do you folks think?
I for instance, tend to love pre-configuring specific files, such as 
Pacman.conf, and other various small files, and just cary them on a small 
USB 4GB thumb-drive of mine.
That way, if and when I install Arch regardless of a VM or real environment, 
I have the various files to work with a head of time, already configured by 
me in the first place, avoiding the need to do that all over again.
Usually, after that, I just need to cp the files for use in whatever they're 
intended to be used for.
My first question though is this: does the ifdplug interface  tool only work 
with Ethernet cards?
Or is wireless Ethernet cards also supported?
Also, when it comes to Arch and the various uses of the system environment, 
how was Arch designed so as to be so flexible?
It amazes me at how light Arch Linux really is-it performed without a 
problem on my Intel Pentium III, 930MHZ, 256MB RAM Del desktop computer for 
two years.
Of course, at the time I had a secondary Windows machine for the tools I use 
like Skype, that still remain unaccessible to the blind/visually impared 
community, whare as Skype in windows/Apple Mac remains the most accessible.
Similar issues of accessibility/bugs occur in Mozilla's Firefox.
presently, I find that Arch is one of the most interesting distrobutions of 
Linux available out there.
Thanks for making such a fine distro, and I hope that you folks continue to 
develop Arch as you folks have for the passed what..99 years? LOL.

Have fun, and happy Arching.

If you folks wish to chat with me-you can occasionally find me on 
irc.freenode.net #ArchLinux as Keith-BlindUser
For you Archers that use Twitter, if you wish to contact me that way besides 
the Arch-General or Arch-Releng mailing lists or Irc, you may follow 
keithint1234 on Twitter.
Or send me an email off-list if you want at:
keithint1234 at gmail.com

I can be reached on Skype by adding skypedude1234 to your Skype contacts 



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