[arch-general] pkg-proxy ?

C Anthony Risinger anthony at extof.me
Wed May 19 12:53:21 EDT 2010

> like:
> - does the code in "how to use" box at the forum post go in the
> pacproxy machine configs ?

do you mean the client machines?  yes you just point the clients to
the proxy as if it were another mirror.  you setup the actual mirror
by editing this line:

mirrors = {'mirrors.gigenet.com': '/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch'}

in the script.

> - what/where do i set/use this in the client(s) ?


> - whats /archlinux dir ? should i create it, how ?

this is on the repo, not your local machine.  don't worry about it,
it's virtual.

> - can't i use /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ ?

no.  not as is anyway.  the script looks to it's own cache
(~/.pacproxy) or to the internet; it does NOT check the local pacman
cache of the proxy machine.

> - does this work with the arch installer ?

sure.  point the installer at the proxy on a net install.  worked fine
for me (although the script needs some love.. i had some quirks here
and there like timeouts for some reason)

> sounds like a nice workaround. but does this cache the packages twice
> ? (apache cache and pacman cache)

yes.  if localhost is configured to use the proxy, packages will be
cached twice.

i would be happy to discuss this further in the forums
[http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=87115], as the list members
are probably not particularly interested in this script.

C Anthony

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