[arch-general] A mirror question

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Thu May 20 19:38:52 EDT 2010

I was wondering what the best mirror would be for someone living ni Ohio?
I'm curious if there are better mirrors than what I'm currently using?
The present mirror I'm using is the esanews mirror, and I frequently get 
this while performing pacman upgrades with pacman -Syu:
Could not download community.db and other such messages.
Are there better mirrors in general?
Or should I run the mirrorrank script?
Hopefully the mirror script will use a U.S mirror as I live in the U.S.
I mention Ohio because that's the state I live in presently, and am only 
trying to figure out if I could find a mirror that might be closer, or 
Happy Arch linuxing!

Regards, --Keith 

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