[arch-general] AIF through proxy

Andre "Osku" Schmidt andre.osku.schmidt at googlemail.com
Fri May 21 16:19:18 EDT 2010

Hello Arch,

is anyone using the arch installer with squid proxy ?
(or any other cache proxy)

i'm again so close my goal that it makes me nervous :)

- squid installed on the host machine,
- vbox client in the same machine, network bridged

after login in the arch 2010.05 image (as vbox client) i do:
# dhcpcd eth0
# export ftp_proxy=''
# export http_proxy=''
# pacman -Syu

and it works, it gets the db from the proxy cache, and also updates
pacman from there  (i see it in the squid logs, and download speed).
everything works ok.

then i tried to use the attached pacinst.aif file as profile for aif
-p automatic installation and i get the attached aif.log...
(it fails on getting the core.db.tar.gz)

i cant attach any debug.log cause `aif -p automatic -c pacinst.aif -d
-l` doesnt create any /var/log/aif/debug.log and `aif -d -l -p
automatic -c pacinst.aif`just gives me the usage info, without any
errors... and also the "Invalid URL scheme" errors that i see in tty7
are nowhere to find in /var/log/*

got 3 days free in a row, would love to hack on arch ;)


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