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Gaurish Sharma contact at gaurishsharma.com
Thu May 27 10:25:24 EDT 2010

Joerg does has few odd things maybe because he is wrong or we are
wrong but either way; we shouldn't be rude to him.he is the reason we
have working cd/dvd burning support on Linux. AFAIK, he is working on
cdrtools since 1995, much before I was knew what OSS was. he gave us
his full source code & efforts  for benefit for community much like
other free software devs. lets give him credit for that.

 Also the truth is one person cannot be responsible for 50+threads.
other people are replying to as well, so should be Joerg be blamed
alone? if you want to ban, he should not be only one.

Regarding licensing, I don't understand much( I am no lawyer) but from
users perspective things are pretty good in Arch. default package is
cdrkit which should be good enough for most users. if anyone faces any
problem, he can always get original cdrtools from AUR. the real
problem is with other big distros but that discussion is outside the
scope of this mailing list.

@Joerg schily
I would suggest you spend your time more productively. if you
feel/believe cdrkit fork is in conflict with the Copyright law &
be distributed legally. Please feel free to take legal action. your
current strategy is clearing not working. if you can't take legal
action due to some reason, its best to accept the current situation
and move on with doing better things which are good use of your sharp
mind. Wishing you success with whatever you choose to do.

Gaurish Sharma

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