[arch-general] cdrtools again... yay! - Was: Burning From Command Line

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu May 27 13:11:30 EDT 2010

Am 27.05.2010 17:52, schrieb Loui Chang:
> Anyways, it's been stated that
> licensing isn't really the issue any more. The fact is no Dev or TU is
> interested in maintaining cdrtools. Jörg has something to learn about
> how to deal with people, but he's too stubborn to take any advice.

When has that happened? I would gladly package cdrtools. I know from
many users that it is superior to cdrkit (although I never had any
trouble with either of them). However, I fear that some of my fellow
developers would stop me from doing that due to the questionable license

What has happened to Open Source Software anyway? People keep claiming
their software is "free", but then they argue about so-called "free"
licenses being incompatible. This used to be about free sharing of code,
but now we need lawyers involved just to do that? Whenever a lawyer is
involved, there is certainly no freedom, just random blabla that nobody

For me, this is about quality of software and the ease of distributing
it (and of course open-ness of source code wherever possible). And as
long as nobody sues us for it, I am glad to distribute any piece of

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