[arch-general] [signoff] device-mapper/lvm2 2.02.66 and cryptsetup 1.1.1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat May 29 06:48:57 EDT 2010

Am 29.05.2010 12:28, schrieb Roman Kyrylych:
>> I think I'm not going to add it. The 'force' option introduces some very
>> weird behaviour from what I remember. As the rc2 package was only in
>> testing, it shouldn't be a big deal, testing users should know what
>> they're doing and upgrade manually.
> Not sure what weird behaviour you mean.

pacman will "upgrade" from any version to this version. If a user adds a
new version to his local system for testing, pacman will always
"upgrade" to the older one. Considering that such a package may stay in
core for quite some time, this is unexpected behaviour.

If the version problem was outside of testing, it would justify adding
the force flag - however, as the "problem" is confined to testing, I
consider it a minor annoyance that shouldn't be worked around in such a
hackish way.

> Anyway, the package works and my root and four other partitions are
> mounted without issues,
> so here's my signoff for x86_64.


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