[arch-general] getting fed up with gnome's fast-user-switching experience

Matthew Monaco dgbaley27 at verizon.net
Mon May 31 19:42:37 EDT 2010

Maybe some of you have had similar problems, maybe some have fixed them, seen 
them vanish with updates, or are still dealing with them.

On pretty much every computer I interact with that uses Gnome (Arch, et al.) 
there is always one problem or another trying to log out, switch users, or 
resume from suspend. The symptom is usually a blank screen (with or without the 
backlight), or a blank screen with just the mouse.

I'm not sure which combination of programs is to blame. But I've suspected (in 
no particular order):
	kernel/xorg drivers for nvidia/ati/intel

When encountered with a blank screen, sometimes the solution is as simple as 
ctrl+alt+f# to find the right tty. Sometimes ctrl+alt+backspace will work if 
DontZap is disabled. Sometimes I can ssh from another computer and do an 
(tel)init 3; (tel)init 5. And many unfortunate times I either can't log in 
remotely or the init trick doesn't work - I'm forced to do a hard reboot.

The worst part is, it is really beginning to feel completely random. Or 
difficult to pinpoint, like special combinations of users that are logged and 
the user that is initiating the logout/suspend/etc (corrupted gconf?)


Do any of you have a multi-user gnome system with no problems at all here?

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