[arch-general] [signoff] kernel 2.6.36-3

Matthew Monaco dgbaley27 at verizon.net
Mon Nov 1 23:51:13 CET 2010

On 11/01/2010 02:47 PM, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
> Hi guys,
> please signoff 2.6.36 series for both arches
> and give feedback if
> real issues arise.

I had a problem with .34 which was fixed in .35 and started reappearing in .36.

When resuming from suspend, I would often not get video back, I have an r600 
radeon gpu. I think it has to do with the new pm profile functionality.

(un)fortunately, it doesn't always happen. In fact, it seems like it happens 
after long periods of suspend, rather than a few minutes to an hour...

Anyone notice this?

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