[arch-general] APM and GNOME

Rafael Beraldo rberaldo at cabaladada.org
Sat Nov 6 15:35:32 CET 2010

Hello people,

A few months ago I wrote about my hard disk, which was making a strange
noise due to excessive head parking. I just added hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda to
/etc/rc.local and the problem was gone.

Then I found out that whenever I used gnome-power-manager it would set the
APM to 1 if the power source is the battery. I didn't find a way to instruct
it to leave the APM setting alone, so I avoided using it.

Recently I installed GNOME in my box and noticed that even if I disable
gnome-power-manager at startup, some piece of GNOME is still setting APM to
1 when the netbook is on the battery.

 I don't use laptop-mode-tools nor is acpid running which brings me the
question: what is messing up with APM? How can I tell GNOME and
gnome-power-manager not to change its settings?

Thank you,

Rafael Beraldo

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