[arch-general] [rc.d/network] Integrate wpa_supplicant as wireless framework?

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Tue Nov 9 14:55:53 CET 2010


our current default wireless framework in base /e/rc.d/network
script is iwconfig (Open/WEP only). I like to integrate
wpa_supplicant as easy as we could use iwconfig ATM.

iwconfig is a useless framework in most user environments in these
days (most AP's have a stronger encryption than WEP'), but it is a
"easy" tool.

Two possibilities:
a) Throw away iwconfig(wireless-tools package) from rc.d/network and
use wap_supplicant only. wpa_supplicant could of course do all the
things iwconfig is for.

b) Let the user decide wihich wireless framework. This could be done
by seperate /e/conf.d/wireless from wireless_tools and add therin
config options for each iwconfig and wpa_supplicant.
#wlan_eth0="iw|eth0 mode managed essid default"
#wlan_wlan0="wpas|<wpa_supp options -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf>"

#WLAN_INTERFACES=(eth0 wlan0)
So /e/rc.d/network->wi_up() has to be modified to honor also

For both ways /e/wpa_supplicant.conf should get modified to a
cleaner default config (Most comments and examples). We should
provide a config file with activated entries for OPEN wlan and WEP
connections (User has to modify WEP essid and key), and also a
deactivated entry for common WPA2/PSK wlan(User has to modify and
activate this for his/her needs).

The advantage of using wpa_supplicant at least in addition to
iwconfig is IMHO the easy and straightforward integration in our
network settings (r.conf and conf.d/wireless). No need for extra
packages like Netcfg, wicd, networkmanager to associate to WPA
infrastructure (but could be used by users if they want their

What do you think about?

        Gerhard "gerbra"

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