[arch-general] Replace dcron once again?

Alexander Duscheleit jinks at archlinux.us
Fri Nov 12 15:14:45 CET 2010

On Fri, 12 Nov 2010 20:19:18 +1000
Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:

> Surely someone can run a git bisect on this issue.  It is a
> reasonably new occurrence.
> Or are we just going to switch software every time a bug is found...

I guess the issue is, that most people wanted fcron all along. Th last
time this discussion came up, already many spoke out in favor of fcron.
Then Jim put dcron on "life support" with an infusion from his own
yacron software. This already means "our" dcron cannot be compared to
other distributions' dcron anymore and the feature set is actually
closer to fcron now than to the original dcron. (Gentoo still uses
dcron 3.2 in stable for example.)
I already used fcron on Gentoo years ago (Gentoo doesn't really have a
default cron except if you count vixie-cron which is the only option
for networkless installs) since I preferred the syntax and the way it
separates root's crontab and the system crontab, but stayed with dcron
on most of my arch boxes for convenience and lack of need for actually
touching any crontab on them.
FWIW I haven't seen the bug which started this discussion but that
might be because i don't pay that much attention to most cron jobs. The
ones I expect a daily mail from have correctly run once each day until


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