[arch-general] Could python2 be breaking genpkgmetadata.py?

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Fri Nov 12 21:03:43 CET 2010

On 11/12/2010 12:52 PM, Auguste Pop wrote:
> the package you mentioned is orphaned and marked out-of-date. i think
> you can simply adopt and update it. change the PYTHON variable in
> Makefile to python2 and several shebang lines in .py files may solve
> the breakage. of course, you need to change the dependency from python
> to python2.

Thanks for your vote of confidence Auguste. I have been reluctant to adopt it,
or the others like it, because when I run into make problems, I don't really
have the skill set to be able to solve the issues on my own in a reasonable
amount of time. Usually, I can sort through them, but there are some, especially
in large multi-source, multi-language packages where I just get stuck. I don't
mind doing it, if you guys don't mind me asking for help when I do. As I've said
before, what I don't need is to try and help, get stuck, and then be flamed for
not being able to solve all the issues on my own. Nobody needs that.

I'll see if I can get it sorted over the weekend. If I can fix it, then I'll ask
how to go about adopting it. There are a list of  packages that are dependencies
of create repo that really need to be maintained (or at least not orphaned) to
make createrepo work:


Then if you want 'repoview' you also need

Lastly, if you are using createrepo on a suse repository, then you must patch
yum to handle suse's continued use of rpmsense_prereq:


--- yum/packages.py.orig
+++ yum/packages.py
@@ -1353,11 +1353,14 @@
            is a pre-requires or a not"""
         # FIXME this should probably be put in rpmUtils.miscutils since
         # - that's what it is
+        RPMSENSE_PREREQ = (1 << 6)
+        RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_PRE = (1 << 9)
+        RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_POST = (1 << 10)
         if flag is not None:
             # Note: RPMSENSE_PREREQ == 0 since rpm-4.4'ish
-            if flag & (rpm.RPMSENSE_PREREQ |
-                       rpm.RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_PRE |
-                       rpm.RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_POST):
+            if flag & (RPMSENSE_PREREQ |
+                       RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_PRE |
+                       RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_POST):
                 return 1
         return 0

All of the above was current through mid-Sept. 2010 with yum-createrepo 0.9.8-3
and rpm 5.1.9-1.

As of the beginning of Oct., Chris (old maintainer) was going to see if somebody
else could pick them up. I guess there were no takers. I'll see how far I get
and let you know. Thanks.

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