[arch-general] LZO kernel compression?

Auguste Pop auguste at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 10:08:03 CET 2010


LZO compression has quicker compression and bigger compressed file. As
the kernel load time is the sum of the time loading the compressed
image and the time of decompressing the image, I am not sure if LZO
compression is better than traditional gzip compression on a i686 or
x86_64 system where CPU is considerably faster than hard disk.

However, choice should always be welcomed.

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> Subject: [arch-general] LZO kernel compression?
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> i did a brief search and didn't turn up anything...
> any particular reason LZO compression is not mentioned in
> mkinitcpio.conf?  and lzop not included in core?  its only a 56k
> binary :-)
> looks like lzo2 package in core has the headers and library.  i know
> it doesn't compress quite as well as gzip, but it's also much
> faster/lighter.  worth a mention at least i think.
> C Anthony

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