[arch-general] PulseAudio in [testing]

C Anthony Risinger anthony at extof.me
Sat Nov 27 06:02:54 CET 2010

On Nov 26, 2010, at 10:57 PM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:

> On 27/11/10 14:51, C Anthony Risinger wrote:
>> Good to see the overwhelming positive lean; is pulse being considered
>> for an eventual default by chance?
> Almost nothing is default on Arch...

Beh you know what I mean :-)

i.e. "recommeded", only-one-or-the-other packages become PKG/PKG-alsa
instead of PKG/PKG-pulse, package groups use pulse builds, etc etc...
or am I off base?

C Anthony [mobile]

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