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Thomas Jost schnouki at schnouki.net
Mon Nov 29 09:10:21 CET 2010

Le 29/11/2010 03:26, Sergey Manucharian a écrit :
> I wonder if somebody could already figure out how to handle file and
> protocol associations for Chromium. For those who use a DE like
> KDE/Gnome most probably everything works out of box. There is an
> article in wiki how to use chromium with no DE [1]. It suggest to use
> mimeo and xdg-utils-mimeo, but it simply does not work (at least in my
> case).

It works for me with mimeo and xdg-utils-mimeo (I'm using Chromium with
Awesome WM -- no DE). You have to use ~/.config/mimeo.conf to store your
associations, and to use at least mimeo 2010.11.02 (first version that
integrates my patch to use this file by default).

Here is my mimeo.conf:

# Spotify URLs
/usr/local/bin/spotify %U

# Regular URLs

# E-mails
/usr/bin/thunderbird -compose

This is enough to have working Spotify URLs. I guess that for VLC and
MMS streams, you would just need the following:


To test mimeo, you should first try by running directly "mimeo
mms://my-url" in a shell, then "xdg-open mms://my-url", and finally from

Does such a setup work for you? If it doesn't, could you please post
your mimeo.conf here?



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