[arch-general] PulseAudio in [testing]

Damjan Georgievski gdamjan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 13:21:20 CET 2010

> I've put PulseAudio into [testing] some time ago, but received no
> feedback on this.
> This either means it works well, or nobody uses it.
> So I'm asking for it now, especially from GNOME and KDE users running
> PulseAudio.

Great work Jan,
it seems your updates have eliminated all the *-pulse packages I had
from AUR (except the kde mixer for now).

It would be a good time to post a news article about these changes. It
should explain the reasons for the change, the fact that without the
"pulseaudio" package the server is not installed and can't be started
EVER, and also how this obsoletes packages from AUR (on my count:
mplayer-pulse, xine-lib-pulse, phonon-pulse, libao-pulse,
gstreamer*-pulse, what else?).

Thanks again for your effort


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