[arch-general] Dovecot: bug or user error?

Norbert Zeh nzeh at cs.dal.ca
Thu Oct 7 12:16:07 EDT 2010

Hi archers,

I've just made one of my machines an arch box, and one thing that gave
me headaches no end was setting up dovecot on it.  In my setup I'm using
PAM authentication with a passwd userdb.  So no reliance on mysql or
postgreql.  When installing dovecot, pacman informs me that I may want
to install some mysql or postgresql libraries as *optional* dependencies
if I want to use those backends.  Since I don't, I didn't install these
libraries at first.  After some long debugging sessions, I realized that
my failure to connect to my freshly setup dovecot server was because
dovecot-auth failed.  It was looking for the mysql and postgreql shared
libraries that were not installed.  After installing these libraries,
all was fine.

So now I'm wondering whether there may be something wrong with my setup
that forces dovecot to at least try the mysql/postgresql backends, which
it would need those libraries for.  The other option is that I did
everything right, and dovecot-auth is simply linked against those
libraries and cannot run without them, no matter what the configuration
file says.

In the former case, I'd appreciate some enlightenment as to what I
should be looking for in my configuration to remove dovecot's dependency
on these libraries.

In the latter case, I'd say a bug report is in order because if
dovecot-auth relies on these libraries, they should be pulled in as
dependencies instead of being declared optional.



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