[arch-general] umount usb stick via udev

Benjamin Sambale bsambale at gmx.de
Thu Oct 7 13:08:26 EDT 2010

  Am 07.10.2010 17:32, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Am 07.10.2010 17:18, schrieb Benjamin Sambale:
>> I managed to mount my usb stick automatically via udev rules (hal isn't
>> running). However, if I unplug the stick while thunar is open, the
>> umount command hangs. After that I can't even reboot. But if I close
>> thunar before unplugging the stick umount works fine.
> Automatic umounting is neither intended nor safe. The reason is obvious:
> To guarantee data consistency and proper functionality of the operating
> system, the file system has to be removed _before_ the underlying device
> is. This obviously cannot happen automatically.

Thanks for the reply. I know that unplugging the stick before umounting 
is kind of "unsafe". However, I never had problems with this and of 
course I do not unplug while files are get written. By the way the udev 
page on archwiki also suggests umounting in a udev rule. Finally, as I 
wrote before everything works if I close thunar before. And using hal it 
works in all cases anyway.
So, I'm still grateful for further hints.

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