[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] Ghostscript 9.00 hits testing

Jakob Gruber jakob.gruber at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 05:10:48 EDT 2010

  On 10/08/2010 10:47 PM, Andreas Radke wrote:
> It's a major update and probably something with printing and/or
> pdfviewer will be broken.
> Please test it.
> -Andy

Okular 4.5.2-1 fails to load .ps files:

okular(15248)/kdecore (KLibrary) kde4Factory: The library 
"/usr/lib/kde4/okularGenerator_ghostview.so" does not offer a 
qt_plugin_instance function.
okular(15248)/kdecore (KLibrary) kde3Factory: The library 
"/usr/lib/kde4/okularGenerator_ghostview.so" does not offer an 
"init_okularGenerator_ghostview" function.
okular(15248)/okular (app) 
Okular::DocumentPrivate::loadGeneratorLibrary: Invalid plugin factory 
for "okularGenerator_ghostview"!

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