[arch-general] [OT]Disk showing too many bad sectors - is it going to fail ?

Partha Chowdhury partha at gmx.us
Sat Oct 16 03:46:57 EDT 2010

I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 family harddisk of 160gb capacity
which is more than 3 years old. recently I installed gsmartcontrol and
after running it, it showed number of current pending sector count and
offline uncorrectable sectors as -- 4294967295.Fearing the disk going
bad, i backed up data and started monitoring it. This is the latest
gsmartcontrol shows - 

After two weeks, the no. of bad sectors is the same and the disk shows
no sign of failure (at the least there is no problem to read or write
files from or to the disk).hence I am confused .is the disk going bad ?
if it is fine why can't it remap all those bad sectors ?

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