[arch-general] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.75-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 21:12:42 EDT 2010


lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.75-1 are now in testing for an upstream
update. Please test and signoff.  I couldn't test much the i686
package except in a chroot so 2 signoffs for i686 would be nice.
Signoff from users are welcome.


Version 2.02.75 - 25th October 2010
  Annotate more variables and parameters as const.
  Fix missing variable initialization in cluster_send() function from cmirrord.
  Fix pointer for VG name in _pv_resize_single error code path.
  Fix warning for changed alignment requirements for dmeventd read/write func.
  Add global/metadata_read_only to use unrepaired metadata in read-only cmds.
  Don't take write lock in vgchange --refresh, --poll or --monitor.
  Skip dm devices in scan if they contain only error targets or are empty.
  Fix strict-aliasing compile warning in partition table scanning.
  Fix pthread mutex usage deadlock in clvmd.
  Automatically extend snapshots with dmeventd according to policy in lvm.conf.
  Add activation/snapshot_autoextend_threshold/percent to lvm.conf.
  Fix liblvm2cmd link order to support --as-needed.
  Remove dependency on libm by replacing floor() by an integer-based algorithm.
  Fix hang when repairing a mirrored-log that had both devs fail.
  Convey need for snapshot-merge target in lvconvert error message and man page.
  Add devices/disable_after_error_count config to limit access to failing devs.
  Give correct error message when creating a too-small snapshot.
  Implement vgextend --restoremissing to reinstate missing devs that return.
  Make lvconvert respect --yes and --force when converting an inactive log.
  Refactor and add 'get' functions for lv properties/fields.
  Update script for fsadm testing.
  Better support of noninteractive shell execution of fsadm.
  Fix usage of --yes flag for ReiserFS resize in fsadm.
  Fix detection of mounted filesystems for fsadm when udev is used.
  Fix assignment of default value to LVM variable in fsadm.
  Fix support for --yes flag for fsadm.
  Do not execute lvresize from fsadm --dry-run.
  Fix fsadm return error code from user's break action.
  Allow CC to be overridden at build time (for 'scan-build make').
  Rename 'flags' to 'status' in struct metadata_area.
  Avoid segfault by limiting partial mode for lvm1 metadata. (2.02.74)
  Use dm_zalloc and dm_pool_zalloc throughout.
  Add pv_get_property and create generic internal _get_property function.
  Add 'get' functions for pv and vg properties/fields.
  Make generic GET_*_PROPERTY_FN macros with secondary macro for vg, pv & lv.
  Add tags_format_and_copy() common function and call from _tags_disp.
  Add id_format_and_copy() common function and call from _uuid_disp.
  Refactor report.c '*_disp' functions to call supporting functions.
  Move parts of metadata*.[ch] into new {pv|vg|lv}.[ch] files.
  Fix vg_read memory leak with directory-based metadata.
  Fix memory leak of config_tree in reinitialization code path.
  Fix pool destruction order in dmeventd_lvm2_exit() to avoid leak debug mesg.
  Read whole /proc/self/maps file before working with maps entries.
  Speed up unquoting of quoted double quotes and backslashes.
  Speed up CRC32 calculations by using a larger lookup table.

Version 1.02.56 - 25th October 2010
  Return const pointer from dm_basename() in libdevmapper.
  Implement dmeventd -R to restart without state loss.
  Add dm_zalloc and use it and dm_pool_zalloc throughout.
  Add --setuuid to dmsetup rename.
  Add dm_task_set_newuuid to set uuid of mapped device post-creation.

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