[arch-general] Gnome 3 + KDE 4 are both large disappointments.

Dennis Beekman d.c.beekman.devel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 15:50:41 EDT 2011

I use linux becuase i think that windows is just to bloated to even be 
considered ... but lately Linux has been going in the same direction 
when it comes to the desktop enviroments Gnome 3 & KDE 4.

Gnome 2 was brilliant just a simple easy to use system with load off 
good looking features, gnome 3 however is useless in all respects as far 
as i can tell from whats in testing.

1. You cannot change the panels anymore you stuck with the 2 given by 
gnome 3.
2. Changing themes also is inpossible.. or so it seems.
3. Why do we need a system settings menu with all the options in one 
menu ? where are my seperate icons i love so much ? why can we choose 
wich icons or options we want ?
4. What about the people ho don't have or don't wich to use they're 
video hardware to run the these stupid graphics ... are we stuck with 
"fallback mode" wich is even more stupid and backward ?
5 Where did all the nice applets go ? and why can i not add them to my 
taskbar anymore....

I though KDE 4 was bad  and bloated and that i couldn't get any worse... 
it seems i was wrong.
Boy this new Gnome version is even more bloated and buggy then KDE 4  
wich is quite the atchievement from the gnome team...

Now i finnaly understand why the Ubuntu guys decided to use they're 
netbook unity system rather then this shit, eventhough unity sucks it 
better then Gnome 3 in all respects.


Can we not just keeps using the old version and ignore the new version 
of gnome for now until they get they act together ? or hopefully decide 
to go back to the old interface and develop that further instead ...

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