[arch-general] PKGBUILD work

Aljosha Papsch joschi.papsch at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 5 10:58:03 EST 2011

Am 05.02.2011 16:17, schrieb Bernardo Barros:
> yep!
> could you give an example of a bash function that gets the $pkgver from a file?

Just paste Gaetans two lines into a file:
	. `pwd`/PKGBUILD
	echo $pkgver
Save it in a directory which is in your PATH variable and make it
If you mean with file an archive from AUR, then you have to untar it first:
	tar -xzf `pwd`/$1.tar.gz
	cd `pwd`/$1
	. `pwd`/PKGBUILD
	echo $pkgver
	# Clean up
	cd ..
	rm -r $1
You must call this script with the package name obtained, e.g.
	pkgver dccnightmare

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