[arch-general] build help needed, Trinity kdebase - 2 issues on Arch

Ray Rashif schiv at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 6 22:05:40 EST 2011

On 7 February 2011 10:38, David C. Rankin
<drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com> wrote:
> This fails with makechrootpkg because nothing gets copied to the chroot. Is
> there a way to fix this?

Yes, the copying is "hardcoded". Things in the source array are
copied, and along with those additionally the changelog and install
scriptlet. See line 170 onwards of makechrootpkg.

Unfortunately, aside from directly editing makechrootpkg itself, I
don't see how to 'fix' this. Maybe if you changed the way you're going
about doing the builds..but I'll have to look a little deeper to
actually comment any further.

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