[arch-general] ArchBang and other derivates resemblance to Arch

Olivier Keun | CAPSTONE olivier at capstone.nl
Mon Feb 7 04:26:42 EST 2011

I also have no problem with other distros using Arch as a basis, but the
problem is that it causes a pretty big influx of newbies who have no idea
how to configure and maintain Arch since they installed a one-click

The devs have mentioned before that we want to attract serious, competent
linux users, and this goal is in danger of being compromised when Arch is
more or less directly associated with distros like ArchBang.

This also addresses Jelle's remark; do we want to keep having to redirect
users back to the ArchBang forums? Since they get told there to come to
ours. ;-)

Maybe it would be better if a more fundamental line is drawn between the
two, such as the website design like Ionuț mentions. And a clear statement
on the ArchBang website that it is _not_ an official Arch project.

2011/2/7 Ionuț Bîru <ibiru at archlinux.org>

> On 02/07/2011 10:51 AM, Olivier Keun wrote:
>> What are your thoughts about this? I'm hoping to get an official reaction
>> from our dev-team, so we can avoid some of the confusion that is present
>> now.
> there is nothing wrong with this distro and others distros that have arch
> as a base.
> Is good that the users are interested in this spins and that are
> discussions about them on our forum.
> As a package maintainer, i'm more interested to work each other fixing
> potentials bugs. This already happened with chakra team and on several
> occasions i got emails from them. I won't reject any of this contributions
> and i would help any time.
> What i don't like is their website theme. Is identically with ours and from
> here is the confusion.
>  [1] http://archbang.org/
>> [2] https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=889066#p889066
>> [3] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Forum_Etiquette#How_to_Post
> --
> Ionuț

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