[arch-general] who wants to write me a relatively simple webapp?

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Thu Feb 10 05:46:49 EST 2011

Note that I've been talking with Tom on Fosdem, and we already
privately mailed about this.
In a mail he asked "why not let AIF create a textfile
automatically, then just submit that textfile to the webapp?"

I think that's a good idea:
- less manual work for the user.
- no webform needed (but we need a tool that submits the info, and the
  webapp still needs to parse incoming post data)
- authentication is probably also not needed (we just kindly ask users
  to fill in their forum nickname, but they could enter $whatever, so
  we need to do some sanitizing)

Also note:
- internet will be needed from the installed target system - the system
  can only be verified to be installed correctly after booting it.
  (I don't think this is an issue)
- further manual input is needed (fill in nickname, explain issues, add
  comments, ..)
- AIF already logs quite some stuff. Maybe we should write a tool that
  parses the logfile locally, builds the used parameters, then asks
  user to fill in more stuff, and finally submits the stuff.  Once the
  webapp schema needed to fulfill the requirements is figured out, we
  can figure out the needed POST parameters and then it should be
  fairly easy to write the tool that parses the logfile. the
  aif log is only available on the live system, not on the target
  system, maybe we should just copy the log to the target's /var/log.
  since "the tool" would then be installed on the target system with
  pacman -S, it can be written in any language (python, bash, ..).


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