[arch-general] Trinity Running on Arch Linux!

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Feb 16 21:23:23 EST 2011

On 02/16/2011 03:01 PM, David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> On 02/16/2011 12:32 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
>> Guys,
>>    It works! After building kdebase (and fighting with other modules), I just
>> decided to start trinity and see if it would work.
> Nice job, David!  Kudos on sticking with it.  Sounds like it was a rather hard
> slog.  It must feel nice to have finally achieved this!
> DR

Amen Brother,

  For somebody that does it all the time, it probably wasn't that hard, but for
me, it was like 'drinking from a fire hydrant' trying to learn pkgbuilds and
CMake at the same time (neither or which I am even close to being completely
comfortable with -- but I can at least recognize both now :) The gcc issue was
interesting and the Trinity code will now be gcc >= 4.5 compliant.

  The basic Trinity desktop works very well. I just added startkde to
~/.xinitrc, typed startx in virtualbox and the desktop appeared, networking, web
browsing, kate, kwrite, file management, kcontol -- all worked. Pretty neat stuff..

  New PKGBUILDs for trinity-kdevelop and trinity-kdewebdev have been completed
and added to the wiki:


  I've also included a status of what is currently ported to CMake and what
still needs to be done. My next task will be PKGBUILDs for the applications that
have already been ported to CMake:

20:18 archangel:~/arch/trinity> find applications/ -maxdepth 2 -name CMakeLists.txt

  These shouldn't be near as bad as kdelibs and kdebase ;-)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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