[arch-general] [boost/boost-libs] PKGBUILD update for 1.46.0 + many improvements

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 00:56:45 EST 2011

Hey, this is mainly targeted at the maintainers of boost/boost-libs,
but others are free to check it out,
I have reworked the PKGBUILD for boost/boost-libs and I have managed
to update the beast to 1.46.0
I have a full file [1] and a diff [2] against the previous version (1.45.0).
I have also built the PKGBUILD for both i686 and x86_64 in clean
chroots and provided the results [3].

Notable changes include:
* bump version to 1.46.0
* enable icu support in regex
* fix FS#22370 - [boost] does not include MPI [4]
* fix FS#22471 - [boost-libs] no libboost_thread.so [5]
* minor PKGBUILD cleanups

Disabling single thread building and just building the multithreaded
libs cut the number of files in boost-libs by about a half :)
I was also told by upstream there isn't a need for enabling single
threaded support.

The only boost bug open is FS#22178 - [boost/boost-libs] Support for
Python 3 [6] and I tried enabling support, but got errors, so it will
just have to wait.
Upstream doubts they support the latest python3.2, which I was told in irc.

[1] - http://pkgbuild.com/~td123/boost/PKGBUILD
[2] - http://pkgbuild.com/~td123/boost/PKGBUILD.diff
[3] - http://pkgbuild.com/~td123/boost/
[4] - https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/22370
[5] - https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/22471


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