[arch-general] New script to backup source code from abs

Christopher Rogers slaxemulator at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 21:21:35 EST 2011

I been looking for a way to backup source for sometime. Like a dvd iso disc.
I started to look for away to do this after seeing 2012. It got me thinking
of how to rebuild a compete archlinux system. This would also help us with
are world domination plans.

Joking aside, here is the script below:

My script uncompresses the source code archives and re-compress them has
$pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel.src.tar.lzma. I put the newer files in
$SRCDEST/$repo folder. This makes it easier to find. It

example below backups up all sources of extra repo in /var/abs/extra folder.

./backup-src.sh extra

example below backups just abs source folder in /var/abs/extra. Including
the abs archive uncompressed in abs/src folder.
./backup-src.sh extra abs

I have seen some good compressing improvement when everything is
re-compressed as .tar.lzma. For example chromium:
chromium original archive is 130mb
chromium re-compressed with .tar.lzma is 101.1mb

You can extra the newer archives and build with 'makepkg -e'.

I hope this helps.

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