[arch-general] Linux / mkinitcpio / vbox bug: bad swap file entry

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Mon Jan 3 09:46:24 EST 2011

while testing new images, I get this:

the error messages show up in google results and seem to be bugs in the
Linux swap code and/or drivers.

interestingly, at first aif/dialog/mkinitcpio/find just keep running,
but after a while the processes just vanish. dmesg doesn't say
anything about OOM killer, but i get login prompts where i used to
have a terminal with aif/initcpio running.

dmesg here: http://sprunge.us/YWQS
any advice?
i can probably workaround it by using more ram, but still... 


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