[arch-general] Kernel error

Jim Burton jim at sdf-eu.org
Sat Jan 8 11:12:32 EST 2011

Hi, starting today I have a problem booting my laptop, running Arch with
everything up to date. I can boot into the fallback image, but when I
boot into the main one, everything hangs after a few moments, with caps
and num lock flashing and the keyboard inactive. The screen is
displaying lots of stuff like

[<c102d908>] ? kmap_atomic_prot +0xc8/0xf0

On IRC it was suggested I rebuild the image with mkinitcpio, which had
no effect. Any ideas how I can diagnose and fix this? Also, what exactly
is the difference with the fallback image? I can't tell the difference
to the one I usually start.


J Burton
jim at sdf-eu.org

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