[arch-general] kde4 Okular + Hp Laserjet PCL 4/5 driver - prints greyscale inversed

Vytautas Stankevičius brotheris at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 03:46:37 EST 2011


> 	Don't know whether this is kde4 or the print drivers, but saving a google
> maps map as pdf and then printing in Okular using a HP Laserjet 4 via the
> HP Laserjet PCL 4/5 driver prints the maps in inverse greyscale (i.e. the
> whole page is black with the roads shown in white). I've checked the
> driver settings and regardless of whether you specify greyscale or color,
> the inverse printing is the same. Prints fine from windows. Where to file
> the bug? Print drivers or kde?

You should try printing with GIMP. I believe it'll be the same. Samsung 
ML-2010 here and I get the same behaviour. Might be due to some filtering 

As text printing works and I do graphic printing once a year, I didn't bother.


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