[arch-general] a python rewrite of pkgfile

solsTiCe d'Hiver solstice.dhiver at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 10:54:10 EST 2011

I started in August a rewrite in python of pkgfile from pkgtools

The idea was to speed it up and avoid the use of a tree of file and use
a sqlite3 db instead.

I wrote it quickly and proposed a merge (on github) to Daenyth. He seems
to respond well, reviewing the code. But then nothing, except that I
vaguely begin to hear about a C python module that read *.files.tar.gz

I had to guess that my solution of using an sqlite3 db was not
appreciated. I have to admit the intermediate step needed to convert
*.files.tar.gz files into sqlite3 db was not that good.

By accident, on IRC, I learned that it was brain0 that wrote the module
and picked it up on its git repo. I modifed my python code, and made
addition to the C module.

Later, I also added to the module the possibility to extract full info
of a package from desc and depend files in *.db.tar.gz to finalize the

So it's finished for quite some time now. Daenyth says "he appreciated
the hard work" but I see no progress on merging or releasing something
so far.

The benefit of the rewrite:
- super faster speed (thanks to brain0 C module)
- download database files from mirror only if updates are available (for
http mirrors only)
- as a bonus you got a python module written in C that can read packages
info in *.files.tar.gz or *.db.tar.gz

it's on github

a PKGBUILD to build a package of pkgtools with the new pkgfile

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