[arch-general] Xfce 4.8 thunar/ristretto issues

Ricky Thomson coralfang at gmx.com
Tue Jan 18 10:43:46 EST 2011

Having 2 minor problems with xfce since the update to 4.8.

First problem is that no thumbnails are being cached/displayed by thunar
anymore. I have tried deleting ~/.thumbnails and all xfce related config
files in ~/.

Previously i had installed the xfce4-goodies package so i believe the
thumbnailers "scripts/programs" are on my system.

How to fix this?

Second problem, when opening ristretto (xfce image viewer) for example
several images in one folder, the arrow buttons to display the next
image in the folder are unclickable/unresponsive. Gets kind of awkward
trying to view several images quickly.

As i said i have tried deleting config files under ~/ which might be
"broken" from the upgrade. So i'm not too sure what to do.

Packages in question:
thunar 1.2.0-1
ristretto 0.0.91-1

Thanks in advance.

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