[arch-general] Rail Model font for coders

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Thu Jan 20 16:03:14 EST 2011

> Heh - but that is one cool email address.

Meeku:  Nice thought and grateful for your words. 
is the Mahamantra, the great chant for deliverance in this Age.

When I searched for a free webmail service, it was not easy to find
webmail allowing big character numbers as most free webmail providers
allow only small character numbers at this time.

It has some relation/bearing to the small character numbers 'rule' (63
characters) allowed for internet domain names which don't allow the
Mahamantra character numbers (68 or 91 or 83 or 64).  Thus this practise
of not allowing big email addresses has developed in the internet sector. 
It could be said that this is unwritten IETF led being used by others in
the 'trade'.

I have requested on the IETF mailing list/s that the existing internet
domain names character number be extended from 63 characters to more at
least 76 or 68 or 91 or 83 or 64, the higher it is the better for the
Mahamantra character numbers at least:

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