[arch-general] my arch installation and base system configuration experience

Juan R. de Silva juan.r.d.silva at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 23:27:20 EST 2011

I've just completed my Arch GNOME base installation and basic 
configuration and would like to share the experience, if anyone is 
interested. :-)

1. I performed base Arch install from within my host system - Ubuntu 
10.04 following the Wiki instructions.  I must say that was extremely 
enjoyable experience.  The installation process itself was real fun and 
interesting, and went smoothly without any problems except 2 minor 

a) The documentation said that a copy of the Beginners' Guide would be 
found in /usr/share/aif/docs/official_installation_guide_en after botting 
into base system, but it was not there and the directory did not exist. 

This was really a minor glitch since an immediate and easy workaround was 
pacman -S lynx, and I was up and running reading the doc from the web.

b) The documentation promised an option of a selective gnome and gnome-
extra group install with pacman but it was not given. Any workaround 
(discussed on this group) appeared not to worthy to mess up with (I am a 
lazy boy) and I ended up installing both groups in their entirety.

2. I was amazed by the wealth, quality and consistency of documentation 
available to users on Arch wiki.  I would say Arch is the best documented 
distro I've come across so far.

Now I have plenty of time to test the system thoroughly but the beginning 
is very encouraging.  

My compliments to Arch team.

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