[arch-general] When will Arch switch to Systemd

C Anthony Risinger anthony at extof.me
Fri Jan 21 19:23:53 EST 2011

On Jan 21, 2011 5:42 PM, "Ray Rashif" <schiv at archlinux.org> wrote:
> On 22 January 2011 05:30, C Anthony Risinger <anthony at extof.me> wrote:
> > ... because arch users are encouraged to help solve their own
> > problems; whats your goal exactly?
> Are you on a provoking rampage? Because my goal was to simply give you
> some feedback for this topic you brought up. If that can even be a
> goal. Looking at Tom's reply was much more worthwhile. You probably
> thought I was trying to undermine the validity of your points running
> across this topic - which was not the case at all.

OK fair enough; I may have misinterpreted a bit.  The "I don't want to know"
stuff didn't resonate well with me, esp.  since you didn't provide any
logs/etc. so I got a different impression.  My apologies if that's the

Yeah I guess I may have rampaged a bit.  It's frustrating to see ideas
trampled on for reasons holding little if any merit; many feel like leaps of
faith to hang on? To what? Much work has gone into this from all sides for
the improvement of everyone, and warrants some respect.

No worries.

> > the point of systemd is to make ALL of our lives easier, not more
> Right. Anyway, you might want to realise that nobody who "matters" has
> had - up to this point - anything to say about "switching to systemd".
> Mostly because none of them have the time (so there is still hope).
> You can always file an FR in the tracker if you want to gain some
> progress for your enthusiasm, or even get an ultimatum.

I swear there was one in there already, will have to check.

Good idea!  This thread may have outlived it's usefulness; I hope many have
a better understanding at the least (and the thread itself was a play on the
upstart thread if its not obvious ;-) because there are many interesting
applications to an intelligent init.

C Anthony [mobile]

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