[arch-general] Gnome Sound Events and Settings

Steve Holmes steve.holmes88 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 10:28:35 EST 2011

What tools are needed in Arch to configure the login and logout sounds
for GNOME? 

When I go into the Volume control, I can only change the alert sounds
and that, I can do OK but right now, I cannot get any sounds to work
for Login, Logout, e-mail, etc.  I've seen references in google for
other distros having something called Sound-Preferences or something
but I don't see anything like that for Arch.  Google also pulled up
some forum references to this same question but no answers were ever

What do other GNOME users do about this in Arch? I'm not aware of how
to specify the paths for the right files.  Ifound the sound files
themselves in /usr/share/sounds but can't figure out where to go from

Any ideas?

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