[arch-general] Gnome Sound Events and Settings

Ionuț Bîru ibiru at archlinux.org
Sat Jan 22 11:38:08 EST 2011

On 01/22/2011 05:28 PM, Steve Holmes wrote:
> What tools are needed in Arch to configure the login and logout sounds
> for GNOME?
> When I go into the Volume control, I can only change the alert sounds
> and that, I can do OK but right now, I cannot get any sounds to work
> for Login, Logout, e-mail, etc.  I've seen references in google for
> other distros having something called Sound-Preferences or something
> but I don't see anything like that for Arch.  Google also pulled up
> some forum references to this same question but no answers were ever
> given.
Sound preferences exists only if you install pulseaudio and 
corresponding pulse package for gnome (pacman -S pulseaudio-gnome)

> What do other GNOME users do about this in Arch? I'm not aware of how
> to specify the paths for the right files.  Ifound the sound files
> themselves in /usr/share/sounds but can't figure out where to go from
> here.
> Any ideas?

Gnome project relies on sound-theme-freedesktop as the default theme 
from it. For some reasons they removed the login and logout sound and 
many more to replace it. That happened more that 1 year ago.

If you want sounds, try search a sound theme on gnome-look.org


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