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Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Wed Jan 26 12:21:20 EST 2011

El 24/01/11 07:38, Tobias Powalowski dijo:
> Upstream update. This package is NOT in testing (2.6.37 currently
> resides there), but at:
> http://dev.archlinux.org/~tpowa/kernel26/
> fixed udev crash #22343
> fixed ext3 default mount option #22544
> please signoff for both arches.
> greetings
> tpowa

hi, where i can find the original patches for this release? they aren't
here: http://projects.archlinux.org/linux-2.6-ARCH.git

Nicolás Reynolds,
xmpp:fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
gnu/linux user #455044

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