[arch-general] [RFT] initscripts 2011.01-1

Jan Spakula bender02 at archlinux.us
Thu Jan 27 05:50:31 EST 2011

Excerpts from Thomas Bächler's message of Mi Jan 26 18:34:22 +0100 2011:
> Okay, this has been sitting in git for a loooong time, and I am throwing
> it out there. This should receive lots of testing, as there has been
> major rewriting done. We need to make sure there are no regressions. It
> should also fix a small number of bugs.


>       Rewrite /etc/crypttab processing.

I've found a small issue coming from this: the "fourth column" (options) in
/etc/crypttab used to mean "everything beginning with the 4th column to the
end of the line", apparently now it is required to put the whole expression
within "..". For instance I have some parameters in the SWAP line, I had to
change the line

swap /dev/vg/swap SWAP -c aes-xts-plain -h sha256 -s 256


swap /dev/vg/swap SWAP "-c aes-xts-plain -h sha256 -s 256"

In the first case, the cryptsetup call during sysinit fails, since only '-c'
was used as a parameter and the call 'cryptsetup -d /dev/urandom -c create
...' didn't make sense to cryptsetup.


Another slight annoyance comes from the lines (from rc.sysinit)

        # isLuks only gives an exit code but no output to
        # stdout or stderr.
        if $CS isLuks "$2"; then

It's not true that there's no output; I get the message
"Device /dev/vg/swap is not a valid LUKS device."
every time I boot :)

Do you want me to file a bug?

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