[arch-general] Question about automated builder

Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 10:51:31 EST 2011

Thanks Allan, I will look at pacbuild.

Jelle, as for AUR interactions, this would not be a primary use by any
means, I think that serving the core Arch repos would be top priority.
 There are a lot of ideas about interacting with the AUR, but I think that
resource wise and logistically it should in nowise be considered the primary
focus. With that said, I think that making the builder as pluggable as
possible will allow us to grow into these roles if we see them as useful in
the future.

As for the behavior of the build process wrt releases, I think that we are
going to have to really iron that out, we have a lot of ideas on how to do
it. I think that we need to list out these ideas and, as a community, decide
on how we want to move forward. An automated build systems in not just a
"convenient way to build packages" it is a quality control gateway for the
distribution, a verification checkpoint for package quality and consistency.
We need to figure out how to approach this process in light of having such a

Jakob, YES! You are spot on here, one of the main motivations behind a
system like this is security. While I don't think that this is a problem
with our developers, I do think that it is a potential future problem, Arch
is continuing to grow and at an exponential pace. Security of Arch packages
is going to be an increasing issue. I don't want to open up the subject of
package signing here, but as a side note, a build system could greatly aid
aspects of security ranging from quality control to package signing and
software verification.

All in all the discussion here has brought a lot of questions to light, I am
writing up a design proposal on the wiki, but so far it has only touched the
software design aspects and not the fact that this system will
almost definitely have ramifications on the software release process.

Thanks! Keep the comments coming!

-Thomas S Hatch

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