[arch-general] [pam/consolekit] Help needed for desktop permission handling

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 31 03:05:13 EST 2011

[2011-01-31 08:40:37 +0100] Seblu:
> Hello, I dug up this old thread to know if someone find a suitable
> solution to use slim (or startx) + window manager working correctly
> with consolekit > 0.4.1 ?

I made a new package for i686 (after Ionut/Foutrelis suggested a session
pam_ck_connector.so line to be added to slim.pam) which hopefully fixes
this. Then my build system for x86_64 got broken and I haven't had time
to repair it yet.

If you run i686, please let me know if this package solves your issues:


Or you can compile your own package from source:



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