[arch-general] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.82-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 31 04:12:48 EST 2011

Am 31.01.2011 09:15, schrieb Jakob Gruber:
> For some reason, I'm not getting this behavior anymore with
> lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.82-1.
> I inserted the 'udevadm settle' line into rc.sysinit on the 26th as you
> suggested (which fixed the issue). On the 27th, rc.sysinit was
> overwritten by new initscripts without me noticing. The bug hasn't
> resurfaced since then though - maybe some other update fixed it?
> I know this isn't very helpful :/ I'll post here in case it appears again.

I could still reproduce the problem in a VM with the latest packages.

This is the problem: Recent lvm does not synchronize to udev when it
doesn't lock (which can happen with --ignorelockingfailure or --sysinit
- they consider this a bug now). Depending on the number of udev rules,
lvm might exit before all symlinks have been generated.

I could reproduce this 3 out of 4 times with udisks installed, and a lot
less often when it was not installed. It is mere coincidence that you
can't reproduce it anymore.

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