[arch-general] After the recent linux kernel update booting fails if usb disks are present in /etc/fstab

C Anthony Risinger anthony at xtfx.me
Mon Jun 6 15:00:56 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Javier Vasquez <j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 7:02 AM, Hector Martinez-Seara <hseara at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The case is that we use usb external drives for storing data. It is
>> likely not the most efficient way but is very very cheap. And yes they
>> are plug 24/7. Anyway I will look for some post booting deamon that
>> cant take care of them. Any idea anyone where to look for?
>> Hector
> Autofs is what I use, you can use the UUIDs to mount specific
> partitions at your will...

yeah systemd does all this for me now, but before that i used autofs
*alot* ... not only for this sort of thing but also FUSE stuff like

it works well, though the config syntax can get a bit daunting.  you
can even use a multi-map to create more autofs mounts on the fly, and
ultimately have a whole tree of auto-cleaned mounts.

... eg:

/app/tree  /port-scm/inst-sync    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /port-scm/root-srv    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /port-scm/root-sync    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /port-scm/user-srv    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /port-scm/user-sync    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-bin    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-dev    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-etc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-run    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-usr-share    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-var-cache    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-var-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-var-log    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/inst-var-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-bin    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-dev    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-etc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-run    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-usr-share    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-var-cache    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-var-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-var-log    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/root-var-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-bin    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-dev    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-etc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-run    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-usr-share    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-var-cache    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-var-lib    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-var-log    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-mnt/user-var-tmp    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-srv/core-misc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-srv/node-misc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-srv/user-misc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none \
            /virt-srv/util-misc    -fstype=autofs,-browse    :file:/none

... i know thats a lot, but when someone accessed `/app/tree` for the
first time that whole entire hierarchy would be mounted under it.
autofs will auto-create/remove intermediate directories.  other autofs
*would* have been defined (all the `:file:/none` stuff) but i ended up
moving to ayatemd exclusively because it %#$@-ing awesome and can do
much much *much* more, in a clean and straightforward way.

... so you could always try installing/using that too :-)

C Anthony

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